School Health Centre

The School Health Centre is the first line of support and first aid during the School Day for our students, faculty and staff and visitors to the campus who need medical attention.

It is staffed by qualified expat and Vietnamese nurses.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday   08.00-18.00
Saturday              08.00-13.00 

Contact Us
Room G44, Elementary School Building B9 (Across from the Elementary School Office)
Phone: (024) 7300 4505

Important Reminders

  • It is important that emergency contact information is up to date and parents can update their information on the Parent Portal. 
  • UNIS Hanoi requires all returning students to have a physical examination by a doctor and a new medical form completed every third year. This must be submitted before starting school. Students should have regular medical check-ups to ensure they are growing properly, there are no new health concerns and that they are up-to-date with immunizations.
  • Please comlplete an allergy and asthma action plans when required.

Parent Information - Exclusion from School

Preventing and controlling the spread of communicable disease is quite broad and therefore requires considerable cooperation between the school, parents, student and medical provider. This is necessary to control and prevent the spread of disease and to protect the UNIS Hanoi community. Please CLICK HERE to find out more.


Air Quality Monitoring

Hanoi is the capital city of an emerging country where rapid expansion and infrastructure development has resulted in increasing pollution and air quality issues.

UNIS Hanoi is a leader in Vietnam in working to protect the health of all its students and employees. All classrooms have air filtration systems and we have installed our own high-end AQI monitoring system on campus with hand held monitors to also monitor indoor AQI.

The readings below represent the average AQI in the last hour outside on campus. The classroom AQI is significantly lower than the external readings.

Air Quality Index

Please note:

  • All sensitive students are monitored once the AQI is above 51 (yellow) with progressive restrictions during PE and recess.
  • ECC and all sensitive students regardless of grade will stop outdoor activities once the AQI value reaches 201 and above (purple).
  • The whole school will stop all outdoor activities once the AQI value reaches 251  to 300 (purple and brown) and above.

 Download the UNIS Hanoi AQI Action Plan

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