School Bus & Parking Permits

School Bus Information

UNIS Hanoi contracts Transport Companies to provide daily travel to and from school.

Buses arrive at the school campus each morning at approximately 8:00 am and depart from school at the following times:


  • 1st bus leaves Campus at 15:45
  • 2nd bus leaves Campus at 16:55 (For students with after school activities)
  • 3rd bus leaves Campus at 18:25 (For students with later after school activities)


  • 1st bus leaves Campus at 14:45 (& 12:30 for Discovery only)
  • 2nd bus leaves Campus at 15:55  (For students with after school activities)
  • 3rd bus leaves Campus at 17:55  (For students with later after school activities)

Please note: The bus will depart at the scheduled times and cannot wait for late students.

Bus services cannot be provided on a route where there are less than 8 students requesting the service and the bus service cannot deliver every child to an individual address. The school reserves the right to cancel any bus route service with 7 students or less.

The school will provide a late bus during After School Activity (ASA) sessions and during the sports seasons arranged by the Co-Curricular Activities Office only. This may affect students in Mother Tongue or UMA make-up classes as these lessons may continue throughout the academic year when ASAs and sports are not in season, parents will need to arrange transportation for their children during this period separately.   

Bus monitors are present on every bus route and are there to help protect your child’s safety. We expect all students to follow their instructions and to be respectful and courteous at all times.

To register for School Bus Service, please read the School Bus Policy and complete the online registration form.

Questions? contact our Transport Manager, Mr Lai Chu  or call 091 876 7755.

Parking Permits

Each vehicle, motorbike or e-bike on campus must be registered by completing this Online Parking Permit Application Form. (Note: license plate number is required.)

Our primary concern at all times is the safety of your child(ren). Please be sure to carefully read and follow the rules concerning cars and motorbikes/e-bikes on campus.

Questions? Contact our Operations Office,



Bus Time

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

  • 15:45 - 1st bus
  • 16:50 - 2nd bus (Co-Curricular)
  • 17:55 - 3rd bus (Co-Curricular)



  • 14:45 - 1st bus
  • 15:50 - 2nd bus (Co-Curricular)
  • 17:10 - 3rd bus (Co-Curricular)


  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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