Dictionary of Abbreviations Used at UNIS Hanoi

Although we make every effort to spell out in full the names of our programmes and departments at the start of any communications, we do use a number of abbreviations commonly in our communications.

Please use the guide below to help.

AGM           Annual General Meeting (for parents

APAC         Asian Pacific Activities Conference

ASA           After School Activities 

BoD           Board of Directors

CAS           Community Action Service (Grades 11 and 12) International Baccalaureate requirement

CfA            Centre for the Arts

Disc or D   Discovery Programme (for children aged 3 years)

EAL           English as an Additional Language

ECC           Early Childhood Centre 

Energize   Fitness Club for UNIS Hanoi Community

ES             Elementary School

IB             International Baccalaureate

IBO           International Baccalaureate Organization

IBDP         Grades 11&12 Diploma Programme

ICE           Innovation, Creativity and Expresssion (ES)

INSIS       Name of the School Operating Software that we use (INSIS Family, INSIS Admissions etc)

ISA           International Schools Assessment

IT             Information Technology

Haiku       Learning Management System (MSHS)

HoS          Head of School

HS            High School

K1            Kindergarten 1 (for children aged 4 years)

K2            Kindergarten 2 (for children aged 5 years)

LS            Learning Support 

MAP         Measures of Academic Progress

MRISA     Mekong River International Schools Association 

MS           Middle School

MUN         Model United Nations

MYP         Middle Years Programme (also IBMYP) 

PE           Physical Education 

PSEL        Personal, Social and Emotional Learning

PYP         Primary Years Programme (al IBPYP)

SCO         School Community Organisation

SL           Service Learning

STT         Student Support Team

Tin Tuc    School Newsletter

UAA        UNIS Aquatics Academy

UMA        UNIS Music Academy

UoI         Unit of Inquiry 

UTA         UNIS Tennis Academy


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