UNIS Hanoi Sporting Facilities Booking

UNIS Hanoi is fortunate to have some very nice sporting facilities on campus. Although access to these facilities is primarily for our students, we would also like to make them available to the wider Hanoi community. The following sporting facilities at UNIS Hanoi are available for hire:

  1. Sports Centre Courts (2)
  2. Covered/Floodlit Courts (2)
  3. Uncovered Court (B5 court)
  4. Movement Room
  5. Tennis courts
  6. Turf Sports Fields (various options)
  7. Grass Sports Fields (various options)

These facilities are used heavily during school hours and only be available for rent from 18:00 - 20:00 weekdays and Saturdays 13:00 - 20:00

The booking of the Sports Center courts is dependent on availability of UNIS Hanoi Staff to supervise the facility while used and will incur an additional charge.

Users are responsible for providing their own equipment

All UNIS Hanoi facilities are closed during Vietnamese national holidays and one week during UNIS Winter Breaks. The UNIS Hanoi Fitness Centre, Swimming Pool are not available to be rented to Hanoi community.


  • Sports Centre Court (SC1 or SC2) - VND1,860,000/hour/court
  • Covered/Floodlit Court (CC1 or CC2) - VND1,400,000/hour/court
  • Uncovered Court - VND930,000/hour/court
  • Movement Room - VND1,160,000/hour/court
  • Tennis court - VND230,000/hour/court
  • Medium-Sized Turf Fields 60 x 38m (#1 or #2) - VND1,400,000/hour/field
  • Large-Sized Turf Field 90 x 60m (#1 and #2 combined) - VND2,330,000/hour
  • Medium-Sized Grass Fields 60 x30m (#1, #2, #3 or #4) - VND1,280,000 per hour
  • Large-Sized Grass Field 90 x 60m (#1, #2 and # 3 combined) - VND1,980,000hour
Please note that bookings Monday - Saturday after 17:00 and all day Sunday may carry additional costs of VND250,000 - VND500,000 per hour depending on necessary security, staffing requirements and venues.

When booking sporting facilities, UNIS Hanoi has the following priority sequence (subject to the discretion of the UNIS Hanoi Head of School):

  1. UNIS Hanoi school related programmes and activities
  2. UNIS Hanoi families and employees
  3. Non-UNIS Hanoi individuals, clubs and organisations

Please read the Facility Booking Procedure before you attempt to book.

Contact Us

UNIS Hanoi Activities Office
Room 102, 8b Building (B8b) 2nd Floor
United Nations International School of Hanoi 
G9 Ciputra, Tay Ho District
Email: facilitiesbooking@unishanoi.org 
Phone: +84 (024) 7300 4500, Ext.8768

Sporting Facility Booking Form


UNIS Hanoi Meeting Rooms Booking

If you are a member of the UNIS Hanoi Community, you could book one of the following meeting rooms for any community purposes:

  • Community Room
  • Conference Room

Please contact our Community Liaison Officer, Nathalie Grun  for availability.

  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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