Energize Application Information

  1. UNIS Hanoi Community Members are UNIS Hanoi employees or parents or alumni, including their spouse and children.
  2. Only UNIS Hanoi Community members are eligible to become Energize Members.
  3. An Energize Application Form must be completed. A passport size photo for all applicants 12 years of age or older must be submitted.
  4. Each family member must complete a separate Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire.
  5. Each adult member must sign a Waiver & Release Form (children can be included on the adult form).
  6. All completed forms and photos are to be submitted to the UNIS Hanoi Activities Office in person or by email.
  7. Upon submission of the necessary documents, the Activities Office will contact the Business Office for an invoice to be issued. Payment can be by cash, money transfer or cheque.
  8. Membership Fees: Once payment of the Membership Fee has been received, the Energize Membership becomes active.
    • Individual Membership (one person) 1,510,000VND/6 months or 3,030,000VND/1 year
    • Family Membership 2,910,000VND/6 months or 5,590,000VND/1 year
  9. Once payment of the Membership Fee has been received, the Energize Membership becomes active.
  10. If payment is made at the time of submitting the necessary documents, the Membership is active immediately and the receipt can be used as the temporary Membership Card, until an actual card has been issued.
  11. The Energize Membership Card is issued approximately one week after the submission of the needed documents. Each family member, 12 years of age and older, will receive a Membership Card.
  12. The Membership Card will only be issued if payment has been made in full.
  13. The Membership Card includes an expiry date.
  14. Membership Cards cannot be shared.
  15. The names of family members under the age of 12 are displayed on the Membership Cards.
  16. New families will be eligible to join Energize on the first day of the school year or at that point during the school year when the child becomes an attending student at UNIS Hanoi.
  17. Types of memberships cannot be changed – for example, an individual membership cannot be changed to a family membership or vice versa. A membership for less than 6 months is not possible.


  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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