What is the Snack Sale?

The Elementary School Snack Sale is a long standing tradition at UNIS Hanoi. Over 25 years ago, the “Bake Sale” was created to raise funds for library books while providing students with the opportunity to taste a diverse range of snacks from all around the world! The Snack Sale has evolved into a fun opportunity for children to exercise choice, learn how to handle money and is raising awareness of the value of homemade snacks.

How does the Snack Sale Work?

There are four snack sales per year. All Elementary School classes are divided into four groups of contributing classes, so that each class will contribute to one snack sale. In order for your child to participate in the snack sale, please send him/her to school with money (Cost: 10,000VND per snack/ Limit 2 snacks per child).

The 2019-2020 Snack Sale Dates and Contributing Classes:

  • September 11 (All Grade 3 Homerooms + Grade 2a + K2a + K2b)
  • November 13 (All Grade 1 homerooms + Grade 2 b + K2c + K2d)
  • February 5 (All Grade 4 homerooms + Grade 2c + K1c + Discovery a +Discovery b)
  • April 29 (All Grade 5 + Grade 2d + K1a + K1b)

What to Bring?

As a Nut and Allergy Aware campus we require all snacks to include a list of ingredients. When it is your turn to be a contributing class, we encourage that each family supports the ES Snack Sale by providing:

  • 10 plastic-free wrapped homemade snacks (the value of each treat should be at least 10,000VND) - We are encouraging yummy homemade snacks this year!
  • Bring your snack in a labeled container/dish with your child’s class and name
  • On the morning of the snack sale, please deliver the snacks BEFORE 8.10am to the designated tables in the ECC or ES Courtyards.

Keep UNIS Plastic-Free!

In effort to reduce plastic-use in Vietnam we encourage all families to come up with creative ways to pack/wrap snacks for the snack sale! 

  • Popcorn in paper bags
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Bring your own containers to take snacks back to class!
  • Please note, we will not sell any Choco-pies, chips, candies, pre-packaged cookies, chocolate bars or sugary drinks.

Healthy Snacks are Important Everyday!

Need daily Healthy Snack Ideas? Check out these yummy websites:

Jamie Oliver - Healthy Snacks
Lolly Jane - Healthy Fun Kids Snacks
Parenting.com - 32 Healthy Kids Snacks
Super Healthy Kids
BBC Good Food - Kids Snacks

Witness the best part of it all...

The kids faces light up when they see all the snacks available for purchase, but they love it even more when they see their parents at school! So if you're free for 1.5 hours on the morning of an ES Snack Sale come by, hang around and help sell the snacks to the kids and be part of the action! 

If you have any questions, please contact the ES Snack Sale Coordinators: Haruko Dwyer, Seung Shin Lee, Yuju Moon and Naoko Murakami at snacksale@unishanoi.org .



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