Professional Development

 "Where Personal and School Goals Unite"

At UNIS Hanoi we believe that the best teachers are those who are passionate about learning and who inspire others by their own commitment to personal and professional development.

We are proud of our learning community’s capacity, energy, and dedication to work together in pursuit of bold goals.

We expect the best for our students and nothing less of our teachers as we strive continually for excellence in our curriculum, programmes and results.

That is why, at UNIS Hanoi we have designed a Professional Development Programme that not only underlies and supports the furthering of School goals, but also recognizes and rewards the personal passions of every teacher individually.

At UNIS Hanoi we invest significant resources in a Professional Development Programme with:

  • International experts working on campus
  • Individualized professional development plans for every teacher
  • Collaborative planning embedded in the schedule
  • Early release one day a week for all teachers
  • Dedicated Professional Development days in the School calendar
  • A Professional Development allowance for every teacher


Investment in You…

Starting with our comprehensive 10-day Orientation Programme before school starts, UNIS Hanoi believes in investing in every individual for success. And once settled into the fabric of the school, opportunities for you to explore and grow abound. All teachers:

  • Will be supported in creating a professional development plan and will receive an annual allowance
  • Will be sent on an IB workshop programme within their first two years at UNIS Hanoi
  • Are encouraged to present and train on the international conference circuit with EARCOS, ECIS etc


Learn and Grow collaboratively…

At UNIS Hanoi you enter a community committed to collaborative learning and will work with colleagues who are themselves expert facilitators and trainers for the IB Organization. Early release on Wednesdays enables teachers to:

  • Join a cohort group Participate in a Professional Learning Group which focuses on improving teaching and learning through a professional development lens. Examples include: Curriculum review, inclusion, ESL in the mainstream, assessment for learning, Teaching for Understanding and peer coaching
  • Participate in collaborative goal setting and departmental or grade level planning


Learn from Visiting Experts…

UNIS Hanoi believes in learning from experts in their field, and invests significant resources every year to invite visitors to work with our learning community of faculty, students and often, their parents. Visiting experts include:

  • Tim Gerrish (Child protection expert)
  • Greg Dale (Sports psychologist and author of 'It's a Mental Thing')
  • Ochan Powell (Cognitive Coaching)
  • James Tanton (Maths consultant, Ambassador for the Mathematical Association of America, Author of 'The Encyclopedia of Mathematics', 'Without Words', 'More Without Words')
  • Steve Barkley (Professional Learning Communities and Peer Coaching)
  • Reel Youth (Youth digital media programmes) 
  • Robin Treyvaud (Cyber Safety and Digital Citizenship)
  • Michael Thompson (Psychologist and author of 8 books including 'Raising Cain')
  • Bill and Ochan-Kusama Powell (Education Across Frontiers and Cognitive Coaching)
  • Peggy Orenstein (Psychologist and author of 'Schoolgirls' and 'Cinderella Ate My Daughter')
  • Danny Gregory (New York based artist focusing on how drawing is a creative and transformative process)
For more information about our Professional Development Programme please contact our PYP Curriculum Coordinator, Joshua Smith .


  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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