Learning Support

The UNIS Hanoi Learning Support Programme is committed to supporting the individual needs of all UNIS Hanoi students. The Learning Support Programme is committed to ensuring that all students have equitable access to learning, opportunities for achievement and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of their educational programmes. Through an inclusive and nurturing educational environment, students are encouraged to become independent, lifelong learners in a global society.

Students experiencing difficulties in accessing the curriculum and successfully demonstrating their learning are referred by teachers to the Student Services Team (SST). Support is delivered through a tiered intervention system as determined by the SST. Partnership between parents, administration, classroom teachers, students, and the Learning Support teachers are an integral part of the programme. The Learning Support Teachers work closely with students, teachers, and parents in order to assist those who need additional support to access the curriculum. They may work with an individual student, small groups of students, class groups, or with Elementary teachers to provide intervention strategies to be implemented within the classroom.

Students on Learning Intervention Plans may receive support through

  • Adaptations implemented by the classroom teacher, in consultation with Learning Support
  • Working with Learning Support teachers in the classroom setting
  • Working with Learning Support teachers in the resource room once or twice a week

Students on Individual Education plans may receive support through any or all of the options above and a learning support class as part of their timetable.

The Learning Support programme enables students who are experiencing academic difficulty, the opportunity to pursue and achieve the goals of their educational programme.


Learning Support Team

ES Learning Support
Jennifer Szwarc   
Lindsey Tate 
Claire Harrison-Poole 

MS Learning Support
Jennifer Coleman 

HS Learning Support
Sarah Thawley 

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