The D-12 UNIS Hanoi Counselling Department and is guided by the Department’s Mission Statement:

'Our mission is to encourage, support, and advocate for students and families within our globally-minded community. Counsellors facilitate a proactive, comprehensive and developmentally structured counselling programme that fosters self-advocacy, resiliency, and life-long learning while reflecting the ideals and principles of the United Nations.'

The UNIS Hanoi counselling team works with the community to promote and enhance the personal development, learning, and well-being of all students. We connect with practitioners in both local and global networks to comply with best practices and remain current in supporting the needs of the UNIS Hanoi community.

Counsellors deliver a developmentally appropriate guidance curriculum to all students. This proactive D-12 counselling curriculum follows the ISCA (International School Counseling Association) model, standards and competencies benchmarks.

As members of the Support Services Team, we collaborate with each Grade Level to facilitate student advocacy and pastoral care.

Counsellors endeavour to support families with transitions as they enter and exit our school community.   

In Elementary School we:

  • Respond to and support students experiencing social, emotional, and/or behavioral concerns
  • Conduct individual or small group counselling to address identified social and emotional issues
  • Partner with parents and teachers, to foster developmentally-appropriate teaching and parenting practices
  • Develop and deploy supportive programmes tailored to our population (e.g. parent workshops)
  • Teach age-appropriate counselling lessons that address topics such as staying safe (child safeguarding), self-regulation, conflict resolution, and identity.

In Middle School we:

  • Support students with divisional transitions
  • Promote the value of emotional wellbeing and the successful development of peer and adult relationships
  • Deliver a developmentally appropriate guidance curriculum to all students grades 6-8 focused on personal and social development
  • Foster independence and self-management as students experience increased personal responsibility for their learning
  • Advocate for our students and support them to build the skills and confidence to advocate for themselves.

In High School we:

  • Believe in a comprehensive counselling approach, which involves supporting students’ social, emotional, academic, and post-high school planning options
  • Challenge student self-exploration beginning in grade 9 and continuing through grade 12, which is the focus of the high school counselling programme
  • Serve in the capacity of student advocate, coach, and advisor
  • Provide a post-high school application and planning framework that supports global options for all students
  • Guide high school course selection process keeping the students’ strengths, interests, and post-high school options at the center of decision making.

Counselling Team

ES Counsellors
Dylan Meikle 
Kris Bezzerides 

Grade 6-9 Counsellors
Sandra Flores 
Mohommad Anwer Kamal 

Grade 10-12 Counsellors
Brenda Manfredi 
Franko Cifizzari 

D-12 Psychologist
Elizabeth Lee Cassidy 

  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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