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University Admissions

UNIS Hanoi provides a comprehensive university admissions programme in alignment with the International Association of College Admission Counselors, the Council of International  Schools and the College Board in the United States. UNIS Hanoi focuses on the holistic development of the student guiding them to reach their full potential.

In High School, students continue to strengthen their knowledge about themselves through exploring more about their strengths, passions and priorities.  

9th Grade

Beginning in 9th grade, students begin to accumulate numeric grades which will be recorded on their permanent high school transcript. Emphasis is placed on the importance of this academic record, as it often requested by universities around the world. 

We begin to work with grade 9 students during their counselling class to investigate their learning style and personality type, helping them to identify their strengths, passions and priorities. Parent information sessions and individual meetings with their counsellor reinforce this investigation into self exploration.

CIALFO, an international software database used by UNIS Hanoi, accessible to students and parents, allows access to online resources which help students document their self discovery, research careers and courses of study which will eventually lead to students finding the university or post high school option that fits best. 

10th Grade

In 10th grade, students take the Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) which provides insight into their academic strengths and weaknesses. The Counsellor, Diploma (DP) Coordinator and parents work together to help students select their IBDP courses for grade 11 and grade 12. Student's interests and abilities will help to determine which courses they will select, paying close attention to their post high school options. It is important to note that some university courses require certain IBDP courses to be taken in grade 11 and grade 12 as a prerequisite for admission. Plans for summer learning opportunities, extracurricular activities, internships, and leadership development are explored as well.

Students are encouraged to meet with the university representatives who visit UNIS Hanoi throughout high school. At the end of Grade 10, all students will participate in a 5-day work experience placement in Hanoi which will help them learn more about the world of work.  

11th Grade

In 11th grade, students begin their college search process and are monitored closely as they begin the IBDP programme. Students begin to prepare to take standardised tests such as the SAT, ACT, IELTS and TOFEL. They research and prepare for any entrance exams required for the university. Student will consider different criteria for their continued university research such as, location, major, academic rigor and cost. 

The counsellor meets with each student individually throughout the year culminating in a meeting between student, parents and counsellor.  In the second semester of grade 11, counsellors will host a grade 11 parent presentation in which aspects of the university research process is explored and shared.

12th Grade

In 12th grade, students are guided through the university application processes that exist throughout the world. They are assisted with meeting all application deadlines, securing teacher recommendations, completing CV's/resumes and given feedback on essays and personal statement writing. All supporting documents are sent by the counseling office to universities around the globe. This is a very exciting time for Grade 12 students, and the High School counselling staff is there to both support and celebrate all the accomplishments of the graduating class.   

For any questions please contact our High School Counsellors Brenda Manfredi  , Franko Cifizzari  and Anwer Kamal 


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