Middle School

What does it mean to be "in the middle"? Researchers have said that there are more changes that take place in a young person during the three years of middle school than take place at any other stage of life, apart from the first six months. Between the ages of 11 and 14, these changes are dramatic: a major growth spurt; cognitive understanding evolving from the concrete to the abstract; the emerging understanding of moral and ethical principles; the physical maturation of adolescence; and social relationships changing from having play partners to developing more intimate friendships.

Not surprisingly, one of the hallmarks of a successful middle school student is having a specialist team who are passionate advocates for young adolescents. Here at UNIS Hanoi, our Middle School staff is comprised of committed educators who have each chosen to work with Middle School students and who understand their role as mentors and relationship builders. Each Middle School student has a mentor who supports his or her social, emotional and academic development.

The Middle School team includes faculty, middle school counselors, learning support and English language specialists, the MYP Coordinator, the MSHS Deputy Principal and a Middle School Principal. We meet at regular times to develop curricular scope and sequence, projects, events, and to address individual student growth.

We are dedicated to making these years exciting, educational, and fun!

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middle school principalMarc Vermeire
Middle School Principal 





Middle School Contacts

Middle School Principal
Marc Vermeire 

Middle School Deputy Principal
JJ Akin 

Middle School Principal Secretary
Nhung Pham 

Middle School Deputy Principal Secretary
Trang Trinh 

Grade 6-9 Counsellors
Sandra Flores 
Mohommad Anwer Kamal 

D-12 Psychologist:
Lee Cassidy 

MYP Coordinator


Daniel Cooper 



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