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Admissions Policies

The School Policy Document is one of the foundation governance documents for UNIS Hanoi. (For more information about these documents please see the Board of Directors' pages)

School policies are directives adopted by the Board on the purpose, direction, or limitation which serve as parameters within which the school operates that enable the school to achieve its mission. School policies guide the school administration and other stakeholders as to the Board’s official intent or position on a given issue.

The policy statements concerning Admissions are in section 2 of the document as follows:

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2.2 Admissions Policy

2.2.1 The size of the School is approved by the Board.

2.2.2 The School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, political or other opinion, in its admission practices.

2.2.3 The School admits, according to available resources, students whose learning needs can be effectively supported by the School.

2.2.4 The School gives admissions priority to students based on cultural diversity, English language proficiency and prioritisation as follows: No single nationality may exceed 20 per cent of the total student enrolment. An effort is made to maintain cultural diversity within each grade level. English as an Additional Language (EAL) regulations limit the percentage of EAL students who may join in any one grade. Priority is given in the following order to: 1) families working for the United Nations and in the diplomatic corps, Scholarship Students and UNIS Hanoi faculty children; 2) Siblings of enrolled students and siblings of UNIS Hanoi graduates 3) returning alumni students, children of alumni students and siblings of alumni students*; 4) expatriate families temporarily resident in Hanoi. 
* Policy to be reviewed by the Board every five years from 2018.

All decisions are based on admissions considerations and at the discretion of the Head of School.
Please note, no Admissions priority is accorded to donors to the School or their families.

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