Admissions Process - Enquiry to Enrolment

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The application process for each child must begin with an admissions enquiry form which is submitted through the school website. The details you provide in this enquiry form will enable the admissions team to accurately record your family contact information and to determine if your child is eligible to apply to a particular grade level. The admissions team can then register an admissions status for each child and communicate with your family regarding the next stage in the admissions process.

Enquiry Holding

Upon receiving your admissions enquiry form the admissions team will inform you if your child is eligible to apply. Families who cannot apply can choose to place their contact details in ‘holding’. The admissions team can contact you directly when the application is available to be released to your family. Enquiries are not placed on waiting lists.


The online application, inclusive of a checklist and instructions, shall be issued to those who can apply. During the application process Elementary students who are not native English speakers may have to participate in an English as an Additional Language (EAL) assessment. All Middle School and High School students must complete mathematics and English comprehension tasks. Foreign language tests are required for those students who wish to continue the study of French, Mandarin or Spanish. English language proficiency tests for MSHS students may take the form of an EAL assessment, a Skype interview, an MAC-II assessment and/or an interview. Completed applications and assessments shall be reviewed by an admissions panel and the School Principal.


If a vacancy is not available for a child, the application shall be placed on the waiting list and may roll over into the next academic year. In such cases, the process of testing, academic assessment and interviewing may be arranged at a later date when the child is in a position for placement. 


When the School Principal has accepted an application for placement, the process of online enrolment can begin. The enrolment phase normally takes one week to complete. During enrolment, tuition fees, medical information, bus transport options and other documents will be required in order to secure the placement of each child. Each applicant will be required to submit a UNIS Hanoi Medical Package indicating physical health as well as immunisation records. Students will not be permitted to begin school until all enrolment requirements, including medical information, are completed and reviewed. When enrolment is completed, the admissions team can begin the process of arranging a welcome orientation for each new student.

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