Sharing the Love!

This week, as the world celebrated St Valentine’s Day, we were proud to share our own brand of UNIS Hanoi Love!

The word ‘Philanthropy’ used to define and describe acts of selfless generosity and support for others, comes from the greek words Philos (Love) + Anthropos (Man/Humankind), literally meaning ‘love of humankind’.

This week we shared the love our community has demonstrated for ‘humankind’ for more than a decade through UNIS Hanoi’s inspirational Philanthropy Programmes and their outstanding project success.

Over the last 10 years, since the School formalised its Institutional Philanthropy Programmes led by the Board of Directors and coordinated by the Advancement Team, our UNIS Hanoi community has donated more than $1.25 Million and impacted the lives of more than 21,500 people!

Those are numbers that you and our alumni community made happen together, and we have a lot to celebrate!

Our Impact Philanthropy 10 Year Report highlights the growth and success of our six programmes and difference they have made as we strive for a better world:

Birthday Gift Fund – Established to celebrate UNIS Hanoi’s 25th Birthday by investing in our Service Learning programmes and giving a ‘birthday gift’ back to our host country community.

The Scholarship Fund – Established to expand the Scholarship Programme by 50% and continues to fund scholarship places for talented local students from disadvantaged families.

UNIS Impact Fund – Established to empower projects and initiatives proposed by the community in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the School’s Mission and Vision.

UNIS Cultural Collection – Established as a learning resource designed to deepen our community’s cultural understanding of our host country.

Emergency Relief Fund – Established in direct response to support our Service Learning partners and the most vulnerable members of the Vietnamese community during the Covid pandemic.

Learning Together Fund – Established to ensure our ongoing commitment to share professional development with local educators and the advancement of education in Vietnam.

It is with great pride and pleasure that we celebrate our decade of philanthropy, thank you for your support, invite you to find out more and look forward to continuing our philanthropic adventures. 

UNIS Hanoi’s theme for this year is #BuildingBridges with our community. Through our Philanthropy Progammes we are not only building lasting bridges with our community impacting thousands of people, we are also creating bridges to the future, to ensure that UNIS Hanoi continues to strive for its Vision as an inspirational role model for a better world and empowers a ‘future of choice’ for our School community.

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