Reduce Single-use Plastic with Refill o’day

Refill O’day is a student initiative that aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by our community. With the support of the UNIS Impact Fund, we provide a service where community members can refill household items, using their home brought reused containers. We buy the soap in large containers and quantities that we will make sure to get recycled. This is cheaper, saves plastic as well as minimizes pollution from transportation.

Starting from Monday, December 7, anyone in the UNIS Hanoi community can bring their used containers to refill their hand soap.

There will be two stations at the front and back gate of the school.

You or anyone from your family can come for drop off and pick up anytime and any day. Instructions will be posted at the stations in English and Vietnamese.

The hand soap is from the same supplier that works with UNIS Hanoi. The cost of 100ml of Life Buoy is 10,000 VND. All money collected will be used for continuing the refill cycle.

Every time you choose to refill, that is one bottle you are saving from polluting our planet. We hope to receive support from you all!