New Solar E-bike Charging Station

UNIS Hanoi’s Solar Power ambitions received a boost this summer with an energising community partnership and a wonderful new facility.

As we welcomed our students to a new school year, we also opened our new, on-grid e-bike charging station with its solar panel rooftop. Any community member arriving to campus on e-bikes can now plug-in, knowing their batteries will be charged with clean energy.

Inspired by UNIS Hanoi’s community commitment to reduction in consumption and clean energy, VEngy (the contractor team for the B2 & B4 building solar project) has joined our effort by generously sponsoring 50% of the solar panels that are installed on the e-bike station rooftop. VEngy’s investment, worth approximately $6,000 joins the $70,000 contributed by our families and faculty to the School’s Solar projects through the UNIS Impact Fund.

This 25kW system with 56 solar panels is also a new learning resource for our students where they can track real-time data of solar energy from a purpose-built inverter and AC cabinet.

The Solar project is initiated through the UNIS Impact Fund and embedded in our campus development plan. We will continue our fundraising efforts for solar energy this year with our aim to become a leading school on clean energy in Vietnam.