Make an Impact for the Holidays!

THANK YOU! To everyone who has made a gift this year to the UNIS Impact Fund and given us a fabulous start to our annual community campaign.

We have received nearly $20,000 USD in the three weeks since we launched the fundraising campaign for our Botanical Garden and Solar Power projects which added to last year’s efforts brings to a grand total of $62,421 USD.

That is almost enough to put solar power on the first of our buildings!

Together we can reach our $100,000 USD goal (or more!) and the most important thing is that we do it together! Every gift counts… and counts up! We have more than 1000 families, faculty and staff at UNIS Hanoi, and participation to date with a gift to our campaign is 5% of our community.

Imagine what we could do with 100% participation!


Our students are excited to see the community support their projects. Let’s aim for 100% participation of all families, faculty and staff. What a message of support that would send!

Their vision is for UNIS Hanoi to be first solar powered school in Asia Pacific! You can help make that happen! And we are excited to be talking to corporate partners in Vietnam to support our projects who are also keen to see the community taking action first! Your support might also leverage their support! This project will be as big and as transformational as we all make it – together!

Find out more about the UNIS Impact Fund on the website.

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