Impact Philanthropy Spotlight!

As we start a new year, it is always a moment to look back over the last year… and what a year it was!

Our community’s commitment to philanthropy in 20-21 was unparalleled in the programme’s ten year history and was marked by passing the $1million dollar milestone of donations to our impact philanthropy projects. THANK YOU!

Thanks to the generosity of our community, this year we have:

  • Five new scholars starting Secondary School
  • A UNIS Botanical Garden and Sustainability Centre under construction
  • Solar Panels installed as the first part of a broad campus development
  • A mini-museum celebrating Vietnamese cultural heritage as a learning resource both on campus and online
  • A new programme to further support professional development for local teachers in Hanoi and Vietnam
  • Supported our most vulnerable Service Learning partners through our Emergency Relief Fund. 

As we start the year, we wanted to update our community on these projects and celebrate what you have made possible together and importantly take a look forward to what all our students will enjoy this year as a result of our community’s generosity.

In 20-21 UNIS Hanoi received $382,707 from donors in support of the following programmes:

  • The Scholarship Fund:         $151,320
  • Learning Together:               $130,151
  • UNIS Impact Fund:              $83,727
  • Cultural Collection:               $15,107
  • Emergency Relief Fund:      $2,297
  • Birthday Gift Fund:               $105

For more detailed information about each of these different philanthropic programmes, please visit our website. For today’s Tin Tuc we will highlight the impact of your giving and we hope you enjoy the updates below.


     Five New Scholars!

Our Scholarship programme is funded both through the operating budget (a small portion of every tuition fee supports the programme) and from a fund established and maintained by community donations since 2013.

This week we welcomed five new scholars to our learning community in Grades 7 to Grade 10 thanks to the ongoing strength of our Scholarship Fund, including a new scholarship for four years in High School fully funded thanks to the generosity of Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy & Family.

Our Scholarship Programme supports talented local students who are excelling at their public school in spite of a background of hardship. Our five new scholars have enjoyed an orientation designed and delivered with the support of both our current scholars and our alumni scholars. Donors to this fund can be proud of the lives that they are helping to transform. Thank you!

   UNIS Botanical Garden and Sustainability Centre

Following two years of fundraising for our UNIS Impact Fund big ideas, we were excited to put the money into action and when students come back to campus, they will enjoy an incredible new learning facility made possible by our community.

The final designs for the UNIS Botanical Garden include both a formal garden, celebrating Vietnamese indigenous plants as a place for calm and reflection (Garden of Philanthropy), and a busy learning hub with space for our kids to get their hands dirty and experiment (Learning Garden). Also, by partnering with the School’s Sustainability Committee we are combining the Learning Garden with a UNIS Sustainability Centre which will include a practical tool shed and washing-up space, combined with a recycling centre and a compost site. We have also installed a recycled water system in order that all water used for the garden is from the campus rainwater and clean waste water collection system.

Following a tender for quotations and project development with our Operations Team, we started this summer on our Learning Garden and Sustainability Centre. Construction has been interrupted by Directive 16, but as soon as we can re-start works we hope to have the facility ready for students when they can return to campus.

And this is what you will come back to! (3D visualisation of the plans)


   UNIS Solar – Get the app!

Our UNIS Impact Fundraising was also in support of the installation of solar panels at UNIS Hanoi and will be put into action as soon as the Board approves a new Campus Plan this year. But we couldn’t wait to get started and so when Solar Electric Vietnam (SEV) offered to partner with us to install a small pilot project connected to our Sustainability Centre and Learning Garden we were delighted!


Thanks to their generous donation designed to support our education goals, we are now generating electricity directly from the sun to help run the School and by locating the 12 LONGi panels on the roof of the bus shelter with their SAJ inverter just below, students can see the panels and watch the electricity production on the eSolar Air App – a monitoring app for SAJ solar inverters which enables end users to have online real-time monitoring of their PV plants. To check out UNIS PV plant, please log in eSolar Air app (find it on your regular app store) with Username: UNIS Hanoi and Password: 123456


This is the solar energy production so far this month which is the equivalent to planting 1.4 trees and has offset 0.8 tons of carbon dioxide! We are excited that this project will not only help in the fight against air pollution and climate change, but also provide great data for learning experiences.


   UNIS Cultural Collection online – Coming soon!

Our UNIS Cultural Collection on campus was launched last year, but we are keen that this resource can also be used by our students and those at other schools across the globe by accessing an online collection.

Watch out next week for the launch of the UNIS Cultural Collection online with not only the beautiful photos and factsheets, but also videos made by our Grade 7 students last year.

The UNIS Cultural Collection was created from the extraordinary gift of 204 Vietnamese cultural artefacts from 54 Traditions gallery founders Nhung Nguyen and Mark Rapoport and made possible by the generous support from Mr Lam-Ms Huyen Family.