Impact Fund Grants: Share Your Ideas with Us

This summer was a busy one for the BlueBlue team formed by three motivated UNIS High school students Binh, Ayami and Yoomee. Over the last 3 months, their project – Blueblue Hotline with the aim to connect Vietnamese teenagers and young adults with accredited Vietnamese psychologists, have helped over 350 young people for a free mental health hotline service.


The fledgling team’s fundraising efforts have enabled BlueBlue’s psychologists to be paid a nominal fee for their time. One institutional partner is UNIS Hanoi. Through the Impact Fund, UNIS Hanoi gave the Bluebells team a grant in support of their work. 

The story of BlueBlue team is just one of many incredible initiatives among applicants who have shared their ideas with the Impact Fund Grants Committee for funding requests to help realising their projects. Last year, we also awarded grants for SCO Community Cookbook, Keep Hanoi Clean, Refillable Soap project, Compost corner for the Botanical Garden, Student computer game development funds, Swing Chair Weaving, Funding to help accessibility for student debate competitions…

UNIS Hanoi seeks to unleash potential and empower creativity of our community members to make a difference. The UNIS Impact Fund Project Grants are designed to support individuals or small groups with risk-taking, piloting, prototyping ideas or advocacy. Applications for Grants are open all year for the UNIS Hanoi community members. 

We are grateful to the School Community Organisation for their funding of the UNIS Impact Fund Project Grants.

What is your idea? Put in your funding application today!