Are You Ready for the Moveathon?

The UNIS Moveathon is taking place next Tuesday! This community event will be the finale to UNovember month and it also happens on Giving Tuesday – a global movement that reimagines a world built upon shared humanity and radical generosity.

On November 30 we encourage EVERYONE in our community to Move the World together!

There will be a special 30 minute schedule at 8.45 for all students, parents, faculty and staff to be active, have fun together with live sporting activities or challenges at your choice. Moveathon is also an opportunity to raise money for our Emergency Relief Fund to help some of Vietnam’s most vulnerable children through our closest service learning partners such as Blossom House, Koto, and Blue Dragon!

In Elementary School, the PE team has already been leading our youngest learners in regular Morning Movement as a warm up to the UNovember finale. The ES PHE team will share a set routine/game that the teachers or TAs can do directly with their students on the day. Or Parents are welcome to join students and use the links (details below) to take part in one of the activities via one way Zoom webinar. 

In Secondary School, students are already up with their sponsorship plan to raise funds for their service learning partners: Blossom House, Koto, and Blue Dragon!. Students can use this sponsorship form to choose the organisation they want to support and the target number of minutes they want to complete and collect sponsors to raise money for their service partners! They can earn points for their homebase as an individual or a group. All points earned as groups or individuals are added to homebase score for winning prizes.

What are some fun challenges you can do?
1. Join one of ready-made options from the Movethon Team:

08:45 – 09:15
Nov 30
Lead Instructor 

Zoom Webinar Link

Phoenix Fit  Dat
(Fitness Instructor)

Phoenix Fit 

Aerobic Quang Vu


Dance Cydny Voicechovski 


Yoga  Lindsey Tate


Cardio Blast Sydney Kirk 

Fun Cardio Blast

Correct Exercises and Mobility Marc Voicechovski 

Correct Exercises and Mobility 

Sworkit Challenges Self Guided (individual, class or family)

Log in Sworkit app to access Challenge will be uploaded and live on Nov 30th

(All Students have Sworkit account links to their school email account)

2. Set your own challenge and invite friends to join!

How do you record your movement?
Please use the purpose built app – Moveathon Tracker – to record Movement Minutes. The collected data will be accessible for participants

How do sponsors make donations?
Students are encouraged to look for sponsorship for their fundraising effort. We encourage you to support them generously, knowing that their efforts and your donations will all be for a very good cause.
They can choose the organisation (Blue Dragon – Koto – Blossom House) they want to support and the target number of minutes they want to complete and collect sponsors to raise money for our service partners!
Sponsors can donate funds using the information on this page. When sponsors donate, please indicate the Service Partner they want to support by writing “Donor’s Name – ERF – Name of the SL partner”.

Want to share your activity photos with us?
Please send your photos to