Celebrating our Community’s Philanthropy!

Our First Day of School Assembly and our entire indoor sports programme this year will be solar powered thanks to the commitment of our amazing community.

During the summer, the roofs of our Sports Centre and Operations Buildings were covered in 921 solar panels in a joint project initiated by the UNIS Impact Fund and partnered with School funds.

Now, on a sunny day, at least 80% of our daily energy needs for the Sports Centre will be provided through clean, solar energy. THANK YOU!

And we are not finished yet! This year we will continue our fundraising efforts and investment in extending this wonderful initiative for a future-facing campus! 

Watch out in Tin Tuc for more detailed information about our solar programme and opportunities to support our goal of becoming Vietnam’s leading solar powered school!

Our students were also excited this week to experience the latest addition to our Botanical Garden which is reaching completion as we start the new school year.

The Garden of Philanthropy is a formal garden celebrating indigenous Vietnamese plants, featuring mini, themed gardens. In addition, we have relocated some of the UNIS Alumni Trees, which are planted each year to symbolise the ongoing growth and the deep roots at UNIS Hanoi for each graduating class.

The Garden of Philanthropy will also be connected to an online learning site with detailed information about each of the featured plants and will be linked directly to curriculum units in Elementary and Secondary.

It is the latest addition to our Botanical Garden which already boasts an experimental gardening area and our Sustainability Centre with its plastic recycling and composting hubs.

The Botanical Garden, a student inspired project created through the UNIS Impact Fund, will be officially launched during our UN Day celebrations the week of November 7 once the plants have had a chance to settle and grow. Look out for more information in Tin Tuc.