A Plea for Help from our Student Environmentalists!

Our UNIS Hanoi Impact Fund goals were created by our students and we have been fundraising to support their dream projects all year.

What do they want? Solar energy on campus and an exciting green space to experiment and learn – a UNIS Botanical Garden.

The plans are almost ready for the UNIS Botanical Garden and our young students have been busy implementing an Adopt-A-Plant scheme as part of the project, distributing donated potted plants to classrooms.

Cash donations to support the project planning have been coming in from families, faculty and staff and we are confident to reach our goal thanks to a generous UNIS family who is willing to invest what is needed to make the project work.

However, they hope that they are not alone in supporting the students with their dreams and ask for our community to step up and support our green warriors! They ask that all our families show their vote of support with a small donation!

And our student leaders from the Elementary Student Council have this message for you today!

Our students are taking the lead on creating the project, designing the project, implementing the project and now fundraising for the project!

Director of Advancement, Emma Silva, encouraged all families to participate, no matter the amount. “What is important is for us to send the message to our students that we believe in their dreams and want to be partners for them to turn their plans into action!”

Faculty and staff quickly responded to the call for participation and more than 50% have already contributed.

A big thank you to the 20% of our families that have already given. And if you haven’t given please show our students you care and consider making a donation this weekend. It’s as easy as online shopping with either credit card or bank transfer.


Our UNIS Botanical Garden will bring together many projects connecting clubs, service, curriculum, community and alumni projects!