A Journey of “Nhat” – A Journey of Making an Impact

When you sign up to join our Community Connections Programme, you will receive ‘Nhat’ – an eco-bag which will serve as your ‘passport’ for a wide range of exciting offers. But you can also get involved in a bigger project started by one of UNIS Hanoi graduates from the Class of 2020 designed to help Change the World for Good and supported by the UNIS Impact Fund.

As part of the ongoing and increasingly important fight for the preservation of the planet, Shinyoung Kim (Class of 2020) chose to embed her sustainability passion into her IB Diploma Visual Arts project – using art as a form of social and political change.

Over the years living in Hanoi, seeing the massive consumption of single-use plastic bags, which normally ended in landfill sites, Shinyoung wanted to make a change by creating a lightweight and reusable grocery bag that would fit easily into backpacks, handbags, or even pockets. Her idea was supported by the UNIS Impact Fund and that’s how Nhat – the reusable eco-bag was born.

The bag designs were developed as a part of Shinyoung’s IBDP Art exhibition. The bag features a silhouette of a baby polar bear reaching out to the mother bear as a child reaches for their parents.

These bags are distributed free of charge to members of the Hanoi community, and are documented through an Instagram account – Nhatstravels, where anyone can send in their photos or videos with their use of Nhat bags.

As Shinyoung passionately shares: “I hope to convey that we have been dependent on our earth from the beginning of time, and by damaging the environment, we are simultaneously damaging our future generations’ future”

If you would like to join Shinyoung and Nhat’s jouney in making a collective impact, please sign up for the Community Connections Programme and get a free eco-friendly bag and post your ‘Nhat Travels’!

And don’t forget, You could make Impact with your own idea! Share your project idea with the UNIS Impact Fund Committee by Filling out a GRANT APPLICATION today. Help Change the World For Good!