$10 to unlock $100,000? Tell me more!

It sounds too good to be true right?

But it is absolutely the promise we can make to every member of our community and what is more, your $10 will help unlock $100,000 to be spent on making student dreams come true!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of one UNIS Hanoi family, our UNIS Impact Fund projects for campus solar power and a botanical garden can be a sure thing with your help.

Your $10 gift to the UNIS Impact Fund will help unlock $100,000 investment in solar energy and an outside green learning space for our students. And what is more, these are projects created by students, planned by students and will be implemented by students to help make a better world! This is the essence of a UNIS Hanoi experience for our young learners!

If 50% of our community shows their support by giving to the UNIS Impact Fund, the donor family has agreed to invest the ‘big money’ to make our two projects happen by the end of the year.

Today 30% of our Faculty and Staff have already given and 8% of our Families have given. A big “THANK YOU” to those that have already made a gift and a big “PLEASE” to those that have not yet given.

Your gift can be any size, its just important to make the gift for your participation to count. And we have made it really easy with a variety of different ways to give.


The students told us what they want, and today with only $10 you can make their dreams come true. What a wonderful way to start the weekend!