Cultural Collection

April 19, 2021 marked the official launch of UNIS Cultural Collection – an extraordinary learning resource made possible through philanthropy. We are extremely grateful for the generous donations from Ms Nhung Nguyen and Dr Mark Rapoport with their gift of 204 artefacts and Mr Lam-Ms Huyen Family with their support in the installation of this beautiful exhibition.

This founding collection of 204 Vietnamese cultural and historic artefacts from 13 of the country’s 54 ethnic groups is an educational collection designed to inspire learning through the lens of Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage. Each artefact is linked by QR code to a detailed fact sheet and many objects have accompanying videos, created by our Grade 7 students (2020-21) through their Culture unit learning.

The UNIS Cultural Collection online resource has been developed over the summer 2021 as a special and invaluable learning resource, not only for our students, but for an entire community.

Through the collection, curation and meaningful exhibition of the artefacts, the UNIS Cultural Collection is designed to support both curriculum learning and community education.

We would like to invite everyone to browse through the online collection, which is categorised into different groups:

  • Musical Instruments 
  • Labour Tools & Equipment
  • Food Tools & Equipment
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Household Accessories
  • Art
  • Ritual Objects
  • Weapons 

To find out more about the on-campus exhibition space of the Cultural Collection, please click through the below photo slide show:

To find out how you can help us develop this extraordinary opportunity for our community, please contact our Director of Advancement, Emma Silva:

This collection is uniquely aligned with our mission and values as a United Nations school – bringing together a celebration of diversity and culture with an opportunity to contribute to our home country of Vietnam through shared learning. This is truly a treasure, and UNIS Hanoi is honoured to take on the responsibility for the protection of these artefacts and for sharing the collection widely for the benefit of students and communities worldwide.

Amie Pollack - UNIS Board Chair