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Salary Deduction

Thank you for making a gift via Salary Deduction. Please fill in the form below. If you have any questions, please email giving@unishanoi.org 


First Name
Last Name
Email Addressrequired
I would like to make my gift through direct salary deduction to the following fund :required
Please select the currency for your gift payment:required
Please deduct the following amount from my USD salary as my contribution to the Fundrequired
Please deduct the following amount from my VND salary as my contribution to the Fund:required
If you would like to give a VND amount not listed above, please fill in the amount in VND below:
Please indicate the amount of your gift in USD:


1. For the ONE PAYMENT option this will be the TOTAL gift amount. You will then be given the option to choose which month you would like to have the payment deducted from in this school year.

2. For the MULTIPLE PAYMENT option, this will be the TOTAL gift amount, which we will then divide equally over the months you choose.

3. For the REGULAR PAYMENT gift option this will be the MONTHLY amount to be deducted, starting from the month you choose.

I would like to make my gift in:required
Please deduct the amount indicated above from my salary in ONE PAYMENT my chosen month:required
Please split my donation equally in MULITPLE PAYMENTS over the following salary pay dates this school financial year (22-23):required
Please make this a REGULAR PAYMENT until I notify you to stop or I leave my position at UNIS Hanoi. Please select:required
Please start my REGULAR PAYMENTS from the following pay date:required
All gifts to the Annual Community Campaign will be celebrated alphabetically by Gift Club level in the Annual Report. No cash amounts will be shown. Please fill in below the names that you would like recognised for your gift (Please put "ANONYMOUS" if you would like your gift to be listed as anonymous):required