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Community Campaign

Solar & Scholarships

UNIS Hanoi is celebrating 35 Years of Learning to Inspire!

And what better way to celebrate than by creating community impact together and supporting our students' passion projects: Solar & Scholarships.

  • Do you believe renewable, clean energy is the solution to our climate crisis? Help us raise $35,000 for the Impact Fund to install 100 more solar panels on campus!
  • Do you believe education transforms lives and society? Help us raise $35,000 to support a High School scholar!

And thanks to our Community Campaign partners, the first $35,000 for both Scholarships & Solar will be DOUBLED through our match funding challenge.



make a gift to support solar project

In 2019 our students asked the community to support their vision for a cleaner, greener world and started the campaign for Solar Energy at UNIS Hanoi.

Their efforts raised $70,000 and inspired the School to triple their investment with a final project covering two of our nine buildings with more than 900 panels and producing 1700kw of the School’s electricity on a sunny day.  

Now we want to continue and keep pushing to that goal of 100% clean energy for UNIS Hanoi.

This year our students once again ask you to support them and the School will match EVERY DOLLAR fundraised for the first $35,000.

We can install 100 more panels with $35,000 and with the School’s partnership we can double that impact to 200 panels!

make a gift to support solar project

Find out more about the Impact Fund...


make a gift to scholarship fund

Our Scholarship students are an extraordinary power for change!

Our alumni scholars are already living our Mission; one is training to be a doctor, another is inventing new coding language and many are attending some of the world's finest universities... all with a passion to use their opportunity to give back to Vietnam.

And there is an urgent need to support the programme's future by helping to build a 'bank' of scholarship years - each costing $35,000.

Our community's collective giving can create a powerful impact to transform more scholarship lives, now and for generations to come!

And don't forget, thanks to a generous UNIS family, every 'dollar' you give will be matched, doubling the impact of this year's campaign (to a maximum of $35,000).

make a gift to scholarship fund

Find out more about the Scholarship Fund...

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