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Donor Honour Roll 2017-18

In 2017-2018 we closed our four year Scholarship Fund campaign with a special initiative to honour our departing Head of School, creating the Charles Barder Scholarship Fund. We raised $356,143 to fund a series of High School Scholars for the next 10 years!

In 2019-2020 Ha Nguyen was awarded the first Dr Charles Barder Scholarship in her graduating year in recognition of her outstanding role modeling both to our other scholars and our student community.

The gift recognition is in alphabetical order by first name (of the first name listed) within each gift club category.

A'Bear family 
Achim & Karin Fock
Adam & Gillian Archer 
Adam & Lara Center & Family
Adam Robinson 
Amy Pitcairn & Imran Bashar 
Andy Myers & Juntieng Thaminrach 
Angela Brienza & Joshua Smith 
Ba Nguyen 
Barry Knaggs 
Bracewell-Buckner Family 
Brazil Family 
Casey Nolen Jackson 
Cathie Matthews 
Cheon Sub Sim 
Colin Campbell 
Dang Thu Hong 
Dat Can 
Dave Wiggins & Bronwyn Hutton 
Deborah Wells-Clinton 
Deirbhile Ni Scolai 
Do Thi Bich Ha 
Donna Frose 
Duc Duong 
Duc Phan 
Dung Tran & Tuan Nguyen 
Elizabeth Burgess 
Elizabeth Murray 
Family of Saleema Khalil & Sarah Khalil 
G8 Rinko Wakamatsu 
Garner-van der Velden family 
Grun-Wynn Family 
Ha Dinh 
Han Bich Hanh 
Hanh Nguyen 
Haru Otsuji 
Hilary Hien 
Hoang Linh Le 
Hoang Minh Duong 
Howard & Joanna Taylor 
Inna Schaag 
Jasper & Atticus Ramsey Garland 
Jayarajan Chellatten 
Jenna van Tuijl 
Jenny Hedrick 
Jihwan Lee 
JP & Addie 
Keiko Inoue and Bill Urda
Kirk Jackson 
Kirk Jackson 
Kolade & Ronke Bearzi 
Kristin Partridge & Widodo Hindrawanto 
Ky Anh Nguyen 
Le Bach Quynh 
Le Hoai Nam 
Le Thi Thanh Thuy 
Leanne Dunlap 
Liana Bianchi & Danny Whitehead 
Lily Otton 
Luc Vu 
Luu Minh Duc 
Maia Julia Nakagawa 
Master Khoa Nguyen 
Master Tong Khai Quach 
Master Woojin Jang 
Maurice Humphries 
McHale family 
Melissa Griffin 
Mia Hyun 
Minh Huyen Do 
Minoru Ogasawara 
Miss Chung Yi Tsai 
Miss Jiwon Kim 
Miss Minh Anh Nguyen 
Miss Nina Dinh 
Miss Yeonjae Jung 
Miss YuYing Zhu 
Misty Shipley & JJ Akin 
Mo Bui 
Muoi Phung 
Nam Khanh Truong 
Nam Nguyen 
Naoko Inui
Nathan & Kiran Nguyen 
Nga Chuyen
Nga Hoang Thuy 
Nga To 
Ngo Thi Quynh Hoa 
Nguyen An 
Nguyen Bien Thuy 
Nguyen Hong Quyen 
Nguyen Ky Anh & Trinh Tuong Van 
Nguyen Ngoc Anh 
Nguyen Vu Linh 
Nguyen Xuan Hanh 
Oanh Pham 
Olga Chojnacka 
Omar Jada Cortney Tarique AL-Iesa 
Pam, Robin, Ali, Matt & Bryony Rickard 
Peter Walker & Glenda Baker 
Pham Minh Trang 
Pham Thi Ha Thuong 
Pham Tran Hanh Phuc 
Phan thi Kim Hoa 
Phan-Hubbbard family 
Pho Nguyen 
Phu Huong Nguyen 
Phuong Nguyen 
Quach Linh 
Richard Levine 
Ruoyi Yan 
Rupert Musgrave 
Sally Oxenberry & Tilly Oxenberry 
Sandra Schneiderman 
Sharon Henderson 
Smith Family 
Snedden Family 
Sophie Dolman 
Stella Phillips 
Steve Reilly 
The Class of 2017 
The Fleming Family 
The Schaffner Family
The Shelley Family 
The Vermeire Family 
The Wise & Rawson Family 
Thuy Bui 
Todd and Amie Pollack
Tran Ha Thu 
Tran Hai Anh 
Tran Hanh 
Tran Mai Lan 
Tran Thi Thuy Hang 
Trung Tran & Uyen Pham Family 
Vu Ngoc Thanh 
Wambua Family 
Xiao Ming 
Yulli Tay 
Zhao Yihan 
Scholarship Booth by Scholars Group
75 Anonymous

Do Truong Family 
Ed & Nao Gilbreath 
FUNd Run 
Kristen Twynam-Perkins 
Linh Doan 
Long Nguyen & Duc Nguyen 
Maeve O'Donovan & Dan Hamer
Nguyen Dang Minh Quan 
Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha
Paul & Melissa Swanson 
Tanya Lee-Parker 
Tran Phuong Binh & Tran Phuc Hien 
UNIS Hanoi Korean Community 
William, Emma & Francesco Silva 
1 Anonymous

Chip & Lillian Canada 
Minh Quan Dao Nguyen Family 
Mr Do Quan 
1 Anonymous

Le Hoai Anh Family 
Joel Tamura Family 
L's Place 

Bui Manh Hung Family 
Ho Hung Anh 
Mr Truong Gia Binh 
Tran Hong Quan & sons 
Truong Lam & Lo Huyen 
1 Anonymous