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Volunteers make a significant contribution to school life at UNIS Hanoi. There are many ways to volunteer at our School but the best way is by joining our School Community Organisation (SCO) which is made up of all parents and teachers.

SCO Mission

To enhance and foster supportive partnership throughout the school community in support of the UNIS Hanoi Mission

By enrolling your children at UNIS Hanoi, all parents automatically become members of the SCO.

The main objective of the SCO is to advance the interests of the School Community and promote the well-being of the students, parents, faculty and staff who comprise the School Community.

The School Community Organisation at UNIS Hanoi:

  • Acts as a bridge in community-building by promoting communication, understanding and cooperation among students, parents, faculty and staff including language specific cultural groups.

  • Offers welcoming support and hospitality to families, especially new families.

  • Facilitates opportunities for the administration and faculty to meet with parents.

  • Enhances UNIS Hanoi’s whole child learning approach in keeping with the mission of the school by sponsoring and supporting activities organised to those ends.

  • Raises funds to benefit the UNIS Hanoi community, with a portion of the proceeds each year allocated to charity through UNIS Hanoi’s Service Learning Programme.

  • Provides support to parents through opportunities for education and understanding, orientation, and other services, different from and complementary to the focus of the Community Programmes.

  • Supports and promotes volunteerism in all aspects of school life including the Service Learning Programme, library and classroom, sports and arts activities, Board of Directors and its committees and Community Programmes.

Much loved events organised by the SCO include, Snack Sales, Spring Fair, Book Fair and the Sparkly Social.

School Community Organisation Core Values

  • Positive and open communication
  • Supportive involvement and inclusion
  • Appreciation, understanding and celebration of diversity and needs of the community
  • Interest in fostering pride, fun and enthusiasm within the school
  • Understanding that students benefit when parents are involved in their school
Spring Fair
FUNd Run
Snack Sale
Snack Sale
Used Book Sale
Used Book Sale
Bus Tour
Bus Tour
New Family Orientation
Teacher Appreciation Day
Spring Fair
FUNd Run