For a decade UNIS Hanoi has been proud to offer our Scholarship Programme offering Secondary School places to talented local students from disadvantaged families.

Our School was originally established in 1988 to assist in the development of Vietnam and our Scholarship Programme continues to honour the School's commitment to Institutional Philanthropy.

The Programme guarantees a full (100%) fees waiver until graduation and significant additional support for transport, school supplies, co curricular activities and university application. To date, 11 scholars have successfully graduated from UNIS Hanoi and a further nine students are currently members of our student body.

UNIS Hanoi Scholarship 2022-23 academic year intake

This year students may apply to the UNIS Hanoi Scholarship Programme for entry to:

  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8
  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10

In all cases, the 100% Scholarship is valid until they graduate from UNIS Hanoi. (Assuming all requirements for continued scholarship are met.)

Deadline for Applications is 15 March 2022.

Applications Steps

  • Complete the UNIS Hanoi Scholarship Application Form in full and provide all required documentation.

  • Make a full financial declaration. Only disadvantaged households are eligible for the Programme. All information provided is confidential and rigorously screened.
  • UNIS Hanoi retains the right to waive academic and geographic eligibility requirements for applications received by invitation, through official Service Learning partners.

If you have any questions about the Scholarship Programme, the application or selection process please contact our Scholarship Officer, Trang Pham:

Eligibility criteria

The Students applying for the Scholarship Programme must:

  • Be a Vietnamese national. Applicants are required to provide a copy of their Household Registration Book (sổ hộ khẩu)
  • Be studying at a public Vietnamese district school/educational institution
  • Have gained no less than 8.0 in English for the last two full academic years; have gained an average annual grade of 8.5 or above for the last two full academic years

Meet our Graduate Scholars

Mo Bui Class of 2021

“One of my favourite memories is travelling to China as a member of our APAC Badminton team. I got to meet new people and see a new place. I’m also a photographer on the High School’s newspaper, The Flame. In our previous school I would not have had these types of opportunities, yet I realise they’ve helped me to become a  well-rounded woman.”


Mo Bui is now a student at Fullbright University Viet Nam. 

Ly Nguyen Class of 2021

“I was a member of the Learners4Learners Service Learning group. Members of this group dedicate their time to teaching English to children who are less fortunate. Working with these children gave me a chance to eliminate traditional stereotypes about Vietnamese women because I witnessed these stereotypes in my family. As a group, we were able to share the knowledge and leadership skills UNIS Hanoi has taught us with other children, especially girls, so that they can raise their own status and succeed in life.”


Ly Nguyen is now a Marketing student at Hanoi University. 

Ha Nguyen, Class of 2020

"Before I joined UNIS Hanoi, I took my Vietnamese identity, culture and language for granted, mainly because I didn't know anything else existed. Then I found myself sat in class with students and adults who'd express their love of Vietnam and it made me so proud of who I am and my people. It took being in an international environment to really appreciate my country and culture. I'm so thankful to UNIS Hanoi for giving me the skills and the opportunities to enable me to become a well-rounded person."

Ha is now a proud student, studying Liberal Arts at Fullbright University Viet Nam. She is UNIS Hanoi's first scholar to successfully gain a scholarship at a Vietnamese university. 

Hong Giang, Class of 2019

"Being at UNIS Hanoi changed my life completely. I changed the way I think which has affected the kind of future I want to have."

Giang is now a fourth year student at Washington and Lee University in the USA. During her third year she studied at Oxford University as part of Washington and Lee's Study Abroad programme. 

Ngan Phung, Class of 2019

"A successful education values diverse angles. UNIS Hanoi has given me an opportunity to discover all of that and to be creative and open minded."


After one year of interning at an international school, Ngan is studying degree in International Business and Management at VNUK. 


Ngoc Anh, Class of 2019

"At UNIS Hanoi I came to know some of the most important people in my life. I also got to study subjects that I'm truly passionate about and that I was able to freely be who I am."


Ngoc Anh is currently studying at Mount Holyoke College in the United States of America. 

Linh Nguyen, Class of 2018

"At university, I would flow from different friend groups and I believe my ability to synthesise is what I've learned the most by being at a diverse school such as UNIS."

Linh has graduated from Vanderbilt University with a double major in Communications and Human Resources & Organisational Development. She now works at Amazon as an HR Assistant. 

Linh Vu, Class of 2017

"Being a part of UNIS Hanoi made me more confident and helped me find my value as a person. I find I'm more open to accepting the differences in others."


Linh Vu has graduated from NYU Abu Dhabi as part of the Class of 2021. 

Lam Luu, Class of 2017

"Now I can think critically, can reflect on things, and I know how to connect with people and work with others to achieve better outcomes. UNIS Hanoi has turned me into the person I am today."

Lam graduated from BUV and he is working in Marketing.

Phuong Ly, Class of 2016

"Early on in life, I knew I was interested in pursuing a career in Global Health but I knew the Vietnamese system only had one way of achieving this goal and I wasn't sure it was for me. I realized that I needed to find a school that would allow me to explore my options more, offer volunteering experiences to me and give me access to a variety of people. UNIS Hanoi was the place that gave me that."

Phuong Ly recently graduated in 2020 from LaFayette College in the USA and is currently in Geneva studying a Masters in International Development Studies at the Graduate Institute of Geneva (IHEID). 

Nam Nguyen, Class of 2015

"By accepting the offer to study at UNIS Hanoi, I had the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and really break through limits that were imposed upon me just because of my family’s financial background. The programme has helped me go further than I ever would have imagined.”


Nam Nguyen graduated from Williams College in the USA in 2019. He now works for tech giant, Microsoft as a Software Engineer. 

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