"UNIS Hanoi has been everything I hoped it would be”

 A summer’s trip to Europe turned out to be the catalyst for one     student to want to join the United Nations International School of   Hanoi. During an educational tour of cities across Europe, Heeju   Kim, first learned of the United Nations and the important conflict   resolution work the organisation carries out. Mesmerized by the   sheer significance of their work, Heeju knew she wanted to be a   part of the UN in some way. 

 Heeju, known to her friends as Erica, remembers the moment   well. She said, “I was 17 years old and I was invited to the UN   offices in Switzerland. I was struck by the process they undergo   to solve global issues.” Aware there was a UN school in Hanoi, she asked her parents if she could enrol at UNIS Hanoi for the final two years of her high school career. To her delight, her parents agreed. 

“I’ve really enjoyed my time at this school. It has been everything I hoped it would be. I knew I needed to be in a place where I could develop as an international student and UNIS Hanoi has provided that for me.”

But it’s not just the international mindedness at the School that Erica is thankful for. The IB programme, she admits, was also a big attraction. She added, “I’ve studied the AP, the IGCSE and now the IB. I wanted the opportunity to study the IB because of its rigour. I also believe the IB has exposed me to a variety of new subjects, including performing arts.”

During her time at UNIS Hanoi, Erica has become a passionate actor and an activist. “My friends encouraged me to take part in school plays. It’s something I would never have done before, but now I love the stage. I’ve also loved learning from teachers such as Mr A, who has opened me up to the world of political discourse” 

After graduation, Erica may return to Europe - the continent that changed the direction of her life two years ago. “Although I’m yet to finalize my plans, it’s likely I’ll choose to study in the UK,” she explains. After completing her degree, Erica hopes to go home to South Korea and devise policies related to social justice. 

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