“Being around these incredible people is motivating”

 Years of watching airplanes take off and land became a source of   inspiration for Australian national, Jeremy Smith. The Grade 12   student who has lived in Vietnam for a decade hopes to pursue a   career in aerospace engineering. And as a result of the education   he’s received at UNIS Hanoi, he’s on his way to realizing his   dream. 

 The 17 year-old credits the School for providing him with a range   of opportunities to take courses that align with his interests. He   said, “You can really choose what you want to do at UNIS Hanoi,   and being around all these incredible people is motivating.”


The ‘incredible’ people he refers to are his friends and teachers alike. “You see people you know doing incredible things and it’s inspiring. And because you have a connection to them, it helps you be inspired and be open to trying new things.”

During his ten years at UNIS Hanoi, Jeremy has taken part in the Math Olympiad, played the clarinet as part of the School Band, edited the High School student newspaper and provided tech assistance for High School theatre productions. In addition, he’s served his peers and the wider community by taking up leadership roles in the High School Senate and as part of the Model United Nations programme. 

Now Jeremy’s time at UNIS Hanoi is coming to an end and he admits it’s hard to imagine going somewhere else. “The School has shown me the importance of community and that’s been a true highlight for me”. Thankfully, the School’s Alumni network will allow him to remain connected and Jeremy has every intention of returning to Vietnam one day. “This country has been my home for so long, I know I’ll definitely come back,” he said. 

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