"UNIS Hanoi sets students up to do well"

A graduating student with his own clothing brand says a mindset to work hard has been 'ingrained' in him at UNIS Hanoi and now he's happy to take risks as a budding entrepreneur. 

Seventeen year-old, Ethiopian-American Matias Belete launched the eco-friendly high end  fashion brand, Foreign Resource, while studying at UNIS Hanoi. He shared, "Design is one of my biggest passions and so developing a line of clothing came naturally to me. Also, being based in Asia really helped because I've got access to a wide range of textiles and I can produce affordably at scale thanks to the factories in this region."

Matias has huge hopes for his fledgling company which is legally registered to operate. "My business partner and I are serious about the company, that's why it's taken so long to establish" he says of his two year-old entity. "We've developed a line of hoodies, shirts, shorts and sweatpants. But what's different is that all our materials will be sourced sustainably." 

Recognizing that commercial success involves making strong business decisions, Matias plans to study Economics and Business at Northeastern University in the USA after he graduates from High School this summer. Studying this degree, he admits, will give him further options later down the line. He shared, "I have big plans for my company, but I'm not 100 percent sure what I want to do in the future, and this course gives me a chance to take up internships and participate in a study abroad programme, and I'm excited about that."

For now, Matias is thankful for his six years at UNIS Hanoi. He says the School has been an environment that nurtured a strong work ethic in him and given him his global perspective. He added, "I've liked UNIS Hanoi from the start. It has been a great school. Students here are really serious about education and I've found that being surrounded by people who work hard makes you ask yourself why you're not doing the same. The School really sets students up to do well."

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