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UNIS Hanoi Celebrates Class of 2022!

Eighty-two students from UNIS Hanoi will be graduating at the end of this week, after successfully meeting all their academic requirements! 

Whether learning in person or virtually, the Class of 2022 has demonstrated exemplary commitment to their studies. Hailing from 24 nationalities, this year’s graduates have pursued courses and pathways as diverse as they are. Of the 82;

  • 73 opted to study the IB Diploma, 40 of whom are working towards the coveted IB Bilingual Diploma

  • Nine students are working towards a High School Diploma or a combination of a High School Diploma and select IB course certification; 

  • while two completed a two year DP course online through Pamoja.

What’s more, our phenomenal Class of 2022 studied in nine languages - English, Vietnamese, Korean, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French and Spanish!

Jane McGee, Head of School commended the cohort. She said, “The Class of 2022 has shown tenacity and a collective ability to overcome the myriad of challenges brought on by Covid. We are proud of them and we hope that as they leave our care, they will be equally proud of themselves.”

Over the coming days, we will turn the spotlight on six students that represent the UNIS Hanoi values of Curiosity, Community, Responsibility, Diversity, Courage and Integrity. 

Please join us in celebrating this year’s graduating class!