UNIS Hanoi Alumnus Publishes a Book of Poetry

Sophie Harding Vivian (Class of 2009) is celebrating the release of her first poetry book – Trips & Tribulations – published by Olympia Publishers at the end of February 2022. This is a collection of poems inspired by her life spent abroad and how it has shaped her. 

Like many of her UNIS Hanoi friends, Sophie started her international journey at the age of two, returning to the UK, her country of origin, when she turned 19. Having lived in four different continents, she often finds the word “home” to be a very complicated concept. For Sophie, the normal definition doesn’t apply. Her poems in Trips & Tribulations focus on finding her own identity and belonging while on the move. Sophie shares, “I find myself at home in lots of different places. UNIS and Hanoi hold a very special place in my life and always will”. 

The 31-year-old claims that her passion for poetry and literature really began at UNIS Hanoi where she spent five years and graduated in 2009. “My time at UNIS Hanoi has really shaped my work with much of my poetry focusing on life as a third culture kid”. Sophie recalls how much she enjoyed her English classes with Ms. Shaw, United Nations Day, field trips to Sapa and visits to Thuy An village.

After graduation, Sophie studied Spanish and Portuguese at Bristol University in the UK, which included an Erasmus year abroad in Valencia and Lisbon. Sophie is now Fashion & Lifestyle Editor at leading British retailer, The White Company.

Sophie’s passion for poetry continues to grow. She is working on her second book which she is hoping to publish next year. If you share a love of poetry with Sophie and would like to read Trips & Tribulations, her book can be found here:



In the meantime, enjoy On the Road by Sophie Harding Vivian.


I’ll take the bittersweet,
The rough with the smooth,
The timid hellos, the hard goodbyes –
Constantly on the move.

 I’ll take the bittersweet,
The old with the new,
The far-off adventures,
As the years flew. 

I’ll take the bittersweet,
The familiar with the foreign,
The home away from home,
Birthplace almost forgotten.

I’ll take the bittersweet,
The close with the faraway,
The moments I wished I could stay,
Precious memories gathered along the way.