UNIS Hanoi Alum Starts Skincare Brand to Help Save Endangered Species

The owner of an award-winning skincare brand credits UNIS Hanoi for her passion to play a role in saving the planet. Preyanka Clark Prakash, who attended UNIS Hanoi from 1992 to 2000, says her teachers at UNIS Hanoi instilled in her the “responsibilities that come along with privilege”. In 2016, following years of working as a teacher in Thailand, India and Bali, Preyanka felt compelled to use her privilege to support a cause she cared deeply about. That cause was minimising the harmful impact of palm oil cultivation. 

She explained, “Palm oil is a multi-billion dollar a year mega crop, and its cultivation is largely responsible for the disappearance of 90 percent of the virgin rainforest that was once home to now critically endangered orangutans, elephants, tigers and rhinos. Only a small fraction of the animals that live in these forests can survive in palm oil plantations. Palm oil cultivation is also responsible for 10% of total greenhouse gas emissions.”

Keen to play her part, Preyanka left teaching and together with her husband, she established Bloomtown – the United Kingdom’s first certified palm oil-free company and one of the few beauty brands around the globe not manufacturing products containing palm oil. In 2020, after four short years in business, Bloomtown has won several industry awards, including Best ‘Free From’ Skincare Brand. 


In addition to giving consumers high quality alternatives to everyday skin-care products such as soap, Preyanka hopes to work with Malaysian and Indonesian farmers who currently depend on palm oil cultivation for their livelihood. She said, “My mission is to do my part to help preserve animal habitats and bring species like orangutans back from the brink of extinction. But in order to make the palm oil industry more sustainable, I can’t ignore people whose livelihoods depend on it, which is why my company is working with organisations like The Orangutan Alliance. The Orangutan Alliance offers more than just band-aid solutions to complex problems.”

With plans to further grow her company and her reach, Preyanka is embodying UNIS Hanoi’s vision of being ‘an inspirational role model for a better world’.

Learn more about Bloomtown here: https://bloomtown.co.uk/