"One day I hope to return to UNIS Hanoi as a teacher"

A soon-to-be graduate who has been a student at UNIS Hanoi since he was six years old, hopes to one day return to the School as a teacher. 

Eighteen year-old Chinh Mai joined UNIS Hanoi in Grade 1. Twelve years on, he says the School has moulded him into the young man he is today. As a result, he's keen to enter the teaching profession with the hopes of making an impact on the lives of the next generation. 

He said, "UNIS Hanoi is an extraordinary place, especially here in Vietnam. It's amazing to think the School was founded on the ethos of giving back to Vietnam, and that it's still something we actively do through Service Learning and our Scholarship programme." 

Chinh also appreciates the efforts teachers and counselors have made for his benefit over the course of his childhood. He explained, "I've got into more trouble than I would have liked over the years, therefore I feel most appreciative to my teachers and counsellors for caring about me and my future enough to guide me. My experience has made me think about other children who may not be so lucky to have such good teachers."

Further inspired by UNIS Hanoi's psychology teacher, Ms Jane Gibbons, Chinh is now on track to turn his dream into reality. He said, "I have been accepted to the University of Melbourne to study Psychology because I'd love to be the kind of teacher Ms Gibbons is. My plan is to get a Masters of Education degree and maybe work towards becoming a special needs teacher. I feel that is my calling."

Although his final months as a student at UNIS Hanoi have played out differently to what he and his peers imagined, Chinh remains thankful for the rare experience these months have given him. He revealed, "Over the years, I've seen this school evolve and that's been so amazing to witness."

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