"I'm motivated to help others"

Learning side by side with students from a wide range of diverse cultures has been an invaluable experience, according to one aspiring Human Rights lawyer. 

Originally from South Korea, Yu Jin Cho has plans to study law in the United Kingdom once she graduates this summer. A student at UNIS Hanoi since she was eight years old, Yu Jin believes the UN values are ingrained in her and as a result she’s evolved into a confident, open minded person who is motivated to help others. She explains, “UNIS Hanoi is a special place. At any other school, I would never have known about the UN Sustainable Development Goals or have participated in the Model United Nations. Now I can appreciate that people from different cultures have different perspectives, especially around international issues and I’ve found that fascinating.”

Yu Jin hopes that studying British law will give her the perfect foundation to work, not just in the United Kingdom but in South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong as well. She explained, “A lot of laws in Asian countries are based upon the British law, so I thought it would be cool to study the original one.”

Excited about her future, Yu Jin says that she feels, not only academically prepared, but socially prepared too. She shared, “When I joined UNIS Hanoi I was shy and wouldn’t speak for myself. The School has helped me to become an independent learner who can interact with anybody.”


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