Alum Takes Climate Action for a Cleaner Vietnam

“Tôi chọn không xả rác. Còn bạn?” [I choose not to litter. And you?] is the slogan of Generation Eco (Gen E), a not-for-profit, environmental conservation organisation founded by a UNIS Hanoi Alum. Gen E aims to create actionable behaviour and raise awareness among the current and future generations of Vietnam for a green and clean Vietnam.  

Hoang Anh Nguyen (Class of 2011) and five other friends are the brains behind Gen E. Founded in April 2019, Gen E has inspired many young energetic dreamers and doers to join their trash-pick-up events in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Dinh and Dong Nai. 

The 29 year-old alumni who is currently the product manager at Ninja Van said, “We are a new generation of individuals who strive to not only dream big but actually make it happen. We not only care about what goes on in our own lives, but we care about the lives of others and making the world a happier, cleaner and more fun place to live in”. 

Hoang Anh recalled watching “An Inconvenient Truth” on one of his United Nations Days and felt uncomfortable. The German Vietnamese alumni joined UNIS Hanoi in Grade 8 from a German state school where he had never heard of Climate Change before. But he did many times during his five years at UNIS Hanoi and the topic has remained with him. 

The success that Gen E has achieved so far was shown in the kilos of trash collected and the impact that they made in community building and environmental awareness raising. Hoang Anh commented, “We noticed that people who joined the events became mindful about pollution. They then brought their friends in. It was like a snowball effect.” The group’s Trash Hunt event gathered 1,700kg of trash and their Lagi Beach clean up in Binh Dinh received over 150 participants from both Ho Chi Minh city and local adults and students.   

Knowing trash collection would not be enough to make a lasting impact, Gen E is also committed to empowering the younger generation to take action. The organisation has invited students from local schools to participate in their event as well as providing them with climate change information.

Hoang Anh has a dream that one day everyone in Vietnam will join the effort to clean up litter and enjoy a cleaner, greener Vietnam. He said, “We are looking for those who share the same compassion and spirit as we do, so if you want to make a change, make some new amazing friends and share unforgettable memories, come join our team of superheroes!” 

After a long pause due to Covid-19, Gen E plans to come back bigger and better in 2022. Check out their activities and find out how you can participate: