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AIELOC Reflections

The AIELOC Conference at UNIS HANOI was a significant event that brought together international educators and leaders for professional development and discussions on representation, social justice, and equity studies. The conference is hosted by the Association for International Educators and Leaders (AIELOC) and is focused on providing high-quality professional development for educators.

he MS/HS Peace and Justice Council and the BIPOC Youth Group presented workshops and conversations, showcasing their courage in expressing their radical vision for the future. This initiative was a source of pride, as it provided a platform for important discussions and empowered the voices of these groups. The workshops and conversations likely addressed crucial topics related to peace, justice, and the aspirations of the BIPOC community, contributing to meaningful dialogue and understanding.

The AIELOC Conference at UNIS HANOI is an excellent platform for educators to exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn from experts in the field. The event aims to promote diversity, inclusion, and social justice in education, making it a valuable opportunity for educators who are committed to these principles.

Mr Juan Sheblak
Secondary School Deputy Principal - Middle School