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Co-Curricular Travelling Teams

It has been so great to see activities in full swing again and the Activities just wanted to share a a few highlights of all the wonderful events that have taken place over the week of 14 November. 

APAC Choir

UNIS Hanoi would like to send a huge congratulations to Ms Colette A’Bear and Ms Lien, Ms Claire and all of the Arts team who helped make APAC Choir a memorable event. UNIS Hanoi hosted SFS, TCIS and Brent International School and the energy was fantastic. Ms Susanna Saw (visiting Director) was incredible and the students really had a great time learning from a true professional. There were many highlights to choose from but the traditional song from Malaysia (Wau Bulan) was a true crowd pleaser. Well done to the students and our directors and teachers that made the event special.

APAC Dance

As we know, the UNIS APAC dancers could not not travel to Japan but that did not stop their enthusiasm and energy going into the event. The students performed at a very high level and they were excited to showcase their hard work for the HS students as well as the faculty/staff. In addition to their routine, they had to create a fusion piece with limited time (APAC standard challenge for dance) and the students put together a fabulous piece of work. They also had an opportunity to learn from a professional dancer with their in person workshops  and all students learned even further technical skills. Congratulations to all of the dancers and our instructor James Gattuso for helping to lead the team.

APAC Orchestra

Dr Kelly Thomas, Ms Chuchu and Mr. Naik led our group to SFS South Korea. Despite the cold temperatures, the students had a wonderful time and their performances were beautiful. It was great to see our groups travelling again and the feedback received from the host school was that our Orchestra students were extremely respectful and talented and UNIS Hanoi should be proud.


Coach Darren, Lori, Nathan and Gary battled it out at Saigon South International School in the first ever Super MRISA tournament. Our basketball teams played extremely well and both finished in 4th place. Coach Gary and Nathan stated that everyone had a wonderful time and the growth and maturity during the tournament will surely lead to even greater development. Our girls volleyball team battled hard and after two years away claimed 5th place. Coach Lori did a great job and the girls are eager to get going again in the future. The boys volleyball team played hard as well and took part in some thrilling action to make the finals. After an incredible run, they finished in 2nd place and a huge thank you to Coach Darren for his endless positive energy.

Varisty Tennis

Lastly, our Varsity tennis teams are in ISB Bangkok this weekend for a tennis invitational. They are led by Coach Primo and Coach Paul and we will update everyone next week in the TIN TUC. We wish the student athletes the best of luck. 

Thank you again to all the coaches, directors, chaperones, AICs and parents/faculty/staff (and UNIS Hanoi staff) who supported these events. There were many smiles during the events and it is with great pleasure that MRISA and APAC events are back. 

Go Phoenix!