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Trips and Expeditions

Classroom Beyond Walls

At UNIS Hanoi, we believe that education extends far beyond the classroom walls. Our Trips and Expeditions programme stretches all the way from Early Years to Grade 12 and is designed to empower every learner, offering transformative experiences that inspire, challenge, and cultivate a deep connection with the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of Vietnam and beyond.

Explore, Learn, Grow

Our students embark on journeys across the rich tapestry of Vietnam's history, natural beauty, and diverse ecosystems. These expeditions are more than just trips; they are immersive educational experiences that foster the IB Approaches to Learning skills as well as critical thinking, resilience, and a profound appreciation for our host country.

Tailored Adventures for Every Learner

Each expedition is carefully curated to align with our bespoke learning approach. Whether it’s a scientific exploration in the majestic mountains around Sapa, a cultural immersion in historic Hue, or a service-learning project in rural communities like Soc San, our trips are designed to meet the unique interests and academic goals of our students.

Building Global Citizens

Through our expeditions, students develop essential life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving. They learn to navigate new environments, adapt to different cultures, and make meaningful connections with people from all walks of life. These experiences are pivotal in shaping our students into responsible, empathetic, and globally-minded citizens.

Wellbeing and Safety

The wellbeing and safety of our students are paramount. Every trip is meticulously planned with comprehensive risk assessments and supported by experienced educators and professional guides. Our commitment to safety ensures that students can explore the places they visit with confidence and peace of mind.

Lifelong Memories and Friendships

Our Trips and Expeditions programme creates lasting memories and lifelong friendships. The shared adventures and challenges forge strong bonds among students, enriching their school experience and creating a sense of community that extends beyond their time at UNIS Hanoi.