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Activities for Secondary School

In Secondary School, UNIS Hanoi offer a diverse co-curricular programme for grades 6-12 students. We believe that this programme will inspire our students to actively engage in purposeful activities beyond the classroom to develop skills, to become life-long learners and responsible world citizens.

Sports Teams

UNIS Hanoi offers several levels of sports teams that represent our school at events ranging from festivals to high end competitions and tournaments.


The Arts offerings provide students the opportunity to develop and nurture their growing talents through an innovative and creative experience. We believe that students should be exposed to a wide variety of artistic creativity that fosters commitment, structure and self discipline. The programmes will focus on self improvement, developing social skills, cooperation, teamwork and leadership. Students involved have opportunities throughout the school year to perform or display their creative masterpieces.


UNIS Hanoi offers students age-appropriate opportunities to explore and develop necessary skills through a comprehensive and varied set of leadership programmes. 

After School Activities

After School Activities at UNIS Hanoi offer secondary school students from Grades 6 through 12 the opportunity to investigate areas of potential interest, improve skill sets, and  interact with like minded individuals outside of their immediate peer group. The offerings  vary from year to year as teachers, parents and professionals from our community apply their expertise and enthusiasm to develop unique opportunities for students.  

Apart from the above activities, students can also participate in the two Academies (Aquatics and Music) offered at UNIS Hanoi.