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Activities for Elementary School

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Activities for Elementary Students at UNIS Hanoi

At UNIS Hanoi, Elementary School students have opportunities to join a wide range of co-curricular activities from joining a sports team, to experiencing arts through drama production, from participating in an after school activity or becoming a Student Council member to develop their leadership skill.

Youth Sport

Youth Sport (YS) builds on the excitement and development of our sports programmes offered at the ASA level, the YS programme gives Grade 4 and 5 students the opportunity to develop their growing talents through a varied co-educational programme. We believe that students of this age should be exposed to a wide variety of sports that foster commitment, structure and independence. The YS programme will focus on self improvement, developing social skills, cooperation, teamwork and leadership. There are 6 Youth Sport seasons during a school year including baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, tag rugby and track and field. Students involved compete against other schools in the Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC) through a festival style format. Practices run twice a week.

Drama Production

The Elementary School (ES) offers opportunities for students in Grades 1 - 5 to participate in theater productions. We offer two productions per year, one for Grades 2 through 3 in the Fall and one for Grades 4 and 5 in the Spring. Depending on the show, this production involves some or all of the following: acting, singing and dancing opportunities. Students interested in backstage help have opportunities to involve themselves in that area also. The production is auditioned for roles; however, all interested students who sign up are given the opportunity to be included onstage. Rehearsals are run twice a week.

ES Student Councils

Students in Grades 1 through 5 have an opportunity to represent their classmates at one of two ES Student Councils which are organised by age: Grade 1 and 2 Student Council and Grade 3-5 Student Council. The two councils meet during a lunchtime once a week. 

The Student Council’s focus on school improvement issues from the student perspective. Each representative is invited to share the Student Voice when UNIS Hanoi is needing student feedback and input (e.g. the whole school development plan, the campus redevelopment, meeting the school accreditation officers). They are also encouraged to identify issues within the ES and to initiate a plan to improve those issues. In addition they help with many of the weekly ES assemblies so that what is presented is organised and led by the students, not the adults. The two councils are also the organisers of events within ES and they help promote school wide events at the elementary.

After School Activities

After School Activities at UNIS Hanoi offer Elementary School students the opportunity to investigate areas of potential interest, improve skill sets, and  interact with like minded individuals outside of their immediate peer group.  The offerings  vary from year to year as teachers, parents and professionals from our community apply their expertise and enthusiasm to develop unique opportunities for students.

Examples of after school activities classes

Apart from the above activities, students can also participate in the two Academies (Aquatics and Music) offered at UNIS Hanoi.