UNIS Academies

The purpose of United Nations International School of Hanoi academies is to provide additional specialized instruction to UNIS Hanoi students in support of our curricular and co-curricular programmes. Additionally, UNIS Hanoi academies provide options for our parents, faculty, and staff to improve their skill set in their chosen activity. In some cases UNIS Hanoi academies extend programme options out to the greater community through our Community Programme

Below are our current offerings:

UNIS Hanoi Aquatics Academy

UNIS Aquatics Academy (UAA) provides a wide range of swimming programmes for members of the UNIS Hanoi community as well as the wider Hanoi community. For UNIS Hanoi students, swim lessons and competitive swimming are offered after school. Through the Community Programme, lessons and competitive swimming for adults and students are offered to the Hanoi community. The Aquatics Academy promotes safe and enjoyable swim opportunities taught and coached by well trained instructors. To learn more, please contact our UAA Manager, Martin Hamilton at aquaticsmanager@unishanoi.org.


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UNIS Hanoi Music Academy

UNIS Hanoi Music Academy (UMA) aims to introduce students to the discipline of music through instrument exploration. The programme strives to assist students to develop self-confidence and build up enthusiasm in piano, vocals, guitar, woodwind, percussion and string instruments. UNIS Hanoi students can assess their own progress against internationally recognised benchmarks by participating in the renowned ABRSM Music Exam in UNIS Hanoi campus at the end of the school year. The Academy's instructors are members of the Vietnamese Symphony Orchestra, teachers from the National Music Academy and local expatriates. Selected UNIS Music Academy students are invited to perform at one of the two annual UMA concerts. To learn more, please contact our UMA Officer, Xuan Le via email: umaofficer@unishanoi.org.


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UNIS Hanoi Tennis Academy

UNIS Tennis Academy (UTA) aims to introduce the lifelong sport of tennis through the offering of a fully inclusive and diverse coaching programme. Tennis is a fantastic sport offering physical fitness, and development of many life skills and challenges. Our goal is to get you 'playing the game' as soon as possible and to be able to join the regular social, fitness and competitive opportunities on offer. Whether you are a beginner, or seeking to elevate your level of play for competitive opportunities, the UNIS Tennis Academy has offerings for you. You can choose to book private or semi-private lessons, or join our Junior Community lessons or our Adult Community Lessons. To learn more, please contact our Tennis Academy Manager, Nick Firth via email: tennisam@unishanoi.org.


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