Brendan McGibbon (Alumni Faculty/Staff)
Posted 19/04/2019 03:58PM

Brendan McGibbon (Alumni Faculty) wrote to share about his most recent project - an AI character that can help in the classroom. Read Brendan's message below:

"Hello from Japan!

I left UNIS about 4.5 years ago and I really miss my friends there and of course - beautiful Vietnam. I left because I was offered the opportunity, with my wife Izumi, to start a new boarding school in Japan and design a 3- year stand alone leadership course that focuses on Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship. It has gone really well and it's now the cornerstone of the school ethos. I think the school wide leadership course is really unique and would love to share it far and wide.

Right now my most recent personal Leadership project is starting to take off. I am focusing on how we might use AI in the classroom to help students think through difficult problems when they get stuck. I created the character TIVI and he is helping people in two ways. Firstly I am writing some good old fashioned graphic novels aimed at creating a growth mindset in elementary students and help reframe challenges as opportunities to learn about themselves and secondly I have created a fun conversation bot. When I have enough data I will refine it and begin the laborious work of coding the AI. 

Here is the link to the Kindbot Beta TIVI:

I'm at 500 users now and growing. Each time someone uses it it can be refined and expanded to learn more scenarios and I can program more features. Try it out.
I wish UNIS well and please reach out if you are in Japan - want to know more about the leadership program (Gr10-12) or my AI project.

Kind Regards,
Brendan McGibbon"