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Once the admissions review has been completed and the application approved by the admissions committee, your family will receive an invitation to accept an offer of placement. Following confirmation of your acceptance, the application shall move into the enrolment phase.

Parents secure placement by completing the following four steps to completing enrolment:

STEP 1: HOUSEHOLD INFORMATION (Review, update and upload)

  • Family Information: Contact Information
  • Passport & Visa: Valid copies of student passports and visas can now be uploaded into the system. Parents are responsible for maintaining all updated information in the system.
  • Household Contacts
    • Emergency Contacts: Notify your child/ren of your emergency contacts. 
  • Medical Information
    • Medical Profile: Notify the school of any new medical concerns and annual medical permission.
    • Medical Examination Form: Required for all new and returning students every third school year. Download this form for your physician to complete. Students will be unable to start school if their medical examination is overdue.
    • Family Insurance Information: Parents are required to maintain medical insurance coverage for each child enrolled. All fees and costs pertaining to medical treatment is the responsibility of parents. 
  • Directory Preferences: Review and confirm which contact information you would like to have published in the UNIS Hanoi Community Directory.


  • Tuition Payment Plan
    • Tuition Payment Options: Select Annual or Semester Payment
    • Compulsory Fees: Agree to tuition deposit and capital fee payment
  • Bus Registration (optional): Auto-register and choose payment options for annual or semester bus service and select one-way or two-way options. The Transportation office will confirm registration. See Bus Transportation Agreement 2021-2022 for reference.
  • School Agreements and Policies 
    • Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct
    • Media Release Agreement
    • Technology and Learning: Responsible Use Agreement
    • Parents’ Rights & Responsibilities 


To complete the contract:  

  • Finalise tuition payment option (select Annual or Semester).
  • Digitally sign the Parental Obligations: Both parents or the legal guardian must digitally sign the contract through the Parent Portal.


  • Tuition Deposit: Non-refundable USD 1,000 per student enrolled. 
  • Tuition and Bus Fee Payments: Based on payment options selected, a debit note will be sent to each family with the following due dates.
    • July 09, 2021: Annual or Semester 1 tuition and fees 
    • December 1, 2021: Semester 2 tuition and fees 
    • Note: Your child/ren will not be able to start school on August 18, 2021 or continue 2nd Semester unless the fees are received by the designated due dates.
    • Cash is not accepted for the deposit, tuition or bus fee payments.
  • Detailed tuition and fee information.

Wait Pool

Admissions policies applied to our school, such as prioritisation, cultural diversity and caps on EAL and Learning Support programmes, do not enable for us to guarantee placement in advance for each child whose deemed admissible.

If Enrolment is not immediately available due to space constraints, applicants will be placed in a wait pool. Completed applications shall be placed on the relevant grade level wait pool for the remainder of the academic year. When a student withdrawals from the programme and a seat becomes available, the Admissions Office will contact eligible applicants in the wait pool following prioritizations within the Admissions Policies. 

The wait status only applies to the year applying and if you want to be considered for the following school year, you must reapply with updated school reports, teacher recommendations, testing (if applicable) and pay the application fee. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office staff directly for information regarding your child's application status.