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IB Diploma Self Study Options

Courses on Offer:

Language A Literature

Course Outline: Enrolling in a self-taught language A literature course offers DP students the opportunity to study the literature of a language that is not offered as a taught subject at UNIS Hanoi. The self-taught courses enable students to explore literature written in their mother tongue and to maintain and even enhance their mother tongue fluency both in written and spoken form.

At the end of a two-year self-taught DP Language A Literature course, students take exactly the same formal DP examinations as students whose learning was directed by a classroom teacher. In recent years, DP students at UNIS Hanoi have completed self-taught literature courses in languages including Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Italian and Spanish. 

Pamoja Courses

Pamoja is an online learning platform that enables students to take DP courses in subjects that are not led by teachers at UNIS Hanoi. This includes humanities courses such as Business Management, ITGS, and Philosophy, and may include Language B courses such as French Ab Initio and Mandarin Ab Initio.