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IB Diploma Mathematics Options

Courses on Offer:


Analysis & Approaches

Course Outline: This course recognizes the need for analytical expertise in a world where innovation is increasingly dependent on a deep understanding of mathematics. This course includes topics that are both traditionally part of a pre-university mathematics course (for example, functions, trigonometry, calculus) as well as topics that are amenable to investigation, conjecture, and proof, for instance, the study of sequences and series at both SL and HL, and proof by induction at HL. The course allows the use of technology, as fluency in relevant mathematical software and hand-held technology is important regardless of choice of course. However, Mathematics: analysis and approaches has a strong emphasis on the ability to construct, communicate and justify correct mathematical arguments.


Applications & Interpretation

Course Outline: This course recognizes the increasing role that mathematics and technology play in a diverse range of fields in a data-rich world. As such, it emphasizes the meaning of mathematics in context by focusing on topics that are often used as applications or in mathematical modeling. To give this understanding a firm base, this course also includes topics that are traditionally part of pre-university mathematics courses, such as calculus and statistics. The course makes extensive use of technology to allow students to explore and construct mathematical models. Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation will develop mathematical thinking, often in the context of a practical problem and using technology to justify conjectures.