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IB Diploma Individuals and Societies Options

Courses on Offer:

Global Politics

Course Outline: Our world is an uncertain and risk-filled place, now more than ever. Until technology allows us to achieve otherwise, it is also the only planet we have. How we sustainably manage ourselves, the planet’s resources, political, economic and cultural development and the Earth’s growing number of manifold actors, interest groups and stakeholders over the coming years will determine the extent to which and how we survive. Who you are politically and the role you will play in the future is the fundamental idea that is at the core of GPS. As a result, GPS is an exciting, challenging and dynamic two year course.


Course Outline: DP History is a 2 year course that explores a variety of 20th century topics, that include a 'Move to Global War (Case Studies in Japan, Germany and Italy)', 'Authoritarian States (Case Studies in Mao, Hitler, Nasser and Castro)' and 'Cold War: Superpower Tensions and Rivalries'.

The Higher Level content includes an in-depth study of topics chosen from 20th century Asian history such as 'Japan 1905 - 1990', 'China 1949 - 2005' and 'Cold War in Asia (Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Afghanistan)'


Course Outline: This subject allows students to explore the complex and fascinating concepts and theories in Economics. Students explore the basics ideas and issues involved in Economic looking at the fundamental economic problem; Microeconomics; Macroeconomics; International Trade and Development Economics


Course Outline: Psychology is a journey filled with fascinating discoveries about human behaviour. This course looks a the behaviour of others, culture, biology, environmental factors and our ways of thinking. Through learning why people behave the way they do (causes) we can begin to make predictions about behaviour. Using the scientific method to collect, analyse and interpret evidence students will address real-world problems, develop empathy and promote positive change.


(Environmental Systems & Societies)

Course Outline: ESS is an interdisciplinary course which combines knowledge and concepts from both the sciences and humanities. Students explore the causes and consequences of global issues such as biodiversity conservation, climate change, pollution, food production, energy supply, and demography.