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IB Diploma Studies in Language and Literature

Courses on Offer:

Language and Literature


Course Outline: In this English language and literature course students will learn about the complex and dynamic nature of language and explore both its practical and aesthetic dimensions. Students will explore the crucial role language plays in communication, reflecting experience and shaping the world. Students learn about their own roles as producers of language and develop their productive skills.  Students pursue these endeavors through an array of literary and non-literary texts.

Language A


Course Outline: In the language A literature course, you will learn about the various manifestations of literature as a powerful mode of writing across cultures and throughout history.  You will explore and develop an understanding of factors that contribute to the production and reception of literature. Through close analysis of literary texts in a number of forms and from different times and places, you will consider your own interpretations, as well as the critical perspectives of others.

Students can study Vietnamese, Korean and English.